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Specializing in Senior Dogs, Puppies, and Kittens

For Adorable Dogs and Cats That You Would Love to Pet

Bring out the beauty of your animal companions with help from DogTown in Shelton, Washington. We groom dogs and cats to improve not only their appearance but also their well-being. Each service we provide is tailored to the specific needs of your pets. Rest assured that with us, they are properly
cared for.

Our Products and Services

An ongoing series of informational entries

Important Notes

February 14, 2018

  • We will not express anal glands or pluck your dogs ears unless requested and veterinary permission required.
  • All dogs and cats go home with a Bandanna/Bow at your request.
  • Toys are offered to every pet that receives grooming services. As we do not provide treats due to potential food allergies. However, if you want to bring treats in for your pet we will be more than happy to use them. 
  • Kennel Dryers are used only if absolutely necessary to ensure a safe and pleasurable groom for both your pet and their groomer and a release form must be signed.
  • Extra care packages are pay in advance and are non refundable.
  • A terms of service form is required before rendering any services at DogTown. 

Packages for Dogs or Cats That Need Extra Care

March 15, 2018

Shed Less Package - $27.50 to $49.50 (Includes Both Appointments)

For the pet who never seems to stop shedding. Done in a two part series four weeks apart to ensure the coat is not over worked causing more shedding instead of less. Includes shampoo and conditioning treatment specifically formulated to release dead hair and reduce shedding. Followed by a complete hand dry and furmination of up to 15 minutes. Price Includes both appointments

*Missed appointments for the second treatment will not be refunded and must be done within 5 weeks from the first appointment

*Payable in Advance

Puppy/Kitten and Difficult Dog 101 Program

Allows your pet and their groomer to build a lasting relationship easing the stresses of grooming. Grooming occurs every other week over a seven week period. The focus is on proper training to ensure a pet who enjoys grooming for life. 


This is all done at your dogs’ or cats’ pace. We do not force them to do anything they are uncomfortable with. We instead allow time for proper training so they will be willing to accept the grooming process and see it as a positive experience.

Week 1 

Includes bath, nails, and brush out. This week clipper and scissor work will be done only to introduce your pet to the noises of grooming and the process. This allows for proper desensitization. We also focus on play, as a tired and happy pet is much easier to work with.

Week 3

Includes week one, plus a sanitary (private area) and eye trim. Further focusing on desensitizing you pet to the noises and processes of grooming while doing some trimming and of course play.

Week 5

Includes all of week 1 and 3. Focusing on accepting the grooming process as practice makes perfect. Ensuring that we give your pet a good experience on the road to your perfect haircut. 

Week 7

This week will include a bath and full groom in your preferred hairstyle. Plus, a voucher for 10% off the next groom, free Plaq Cleanse and a certificate of completion/graduation. The voucher must be redeemed within 4 weeks. It is important that your pet comes in regularly to maintain their progress. Starts at $165.00 Includes training time and is separate from any other grooming prices. Please beware that some pets will need to go through this process more than once. 

Additional Service Packages

March 15, 2018

All package pricing is in addition to the normal grooming price.

Bug Be Gone Package - $10 to $15 (Includes Cleaning and Product Fee)

For fleas, skunk odors and other parasites. Includes cleaning fee and product fee. We use all natural flea and tick treatment formulated for both dogs and cats. ($5.00 to $10.00)

Senior Care Package - $7.50

 Includes an Arnica bath that will help relieve muscle and tissue pain, a balm treatment to soothe sore feet and moisturize foot pads for easier walking on slippery floors, grooming on an orthopedic mat and done as quickly as possible to minimize standing required. ($5.00)

Oh So Gentle - $7.50

For pets who struggle with allergies. We will use only all-natural products with your choice of oatmeal or hypoallergenic shampoo on top of a mud bath to help relieve dry and itchy skin.

Calming Spa - $7.50 (Not for Cats)

For the pet who needs the most relaxing spa treatment. This includes a lavender and chamomile shampoo, paw balm, and a lavender spritz. ($5.00) 

Basic Service 

March 15, 2018

Basic Service: Includes ears, nails, bath with our basic shampoo and conditioner, blow dry and your choice of hair cut


All Breed Dog Grooming - Starting at $55 (includes hair cut) 

All Breed Cat Grooming - Starting at $75 (includes hair cut) 

Other Services

Express Grooms - $10 Minimum

Available Upon Request

Self-Wash - $20.00

Includes nails, dryers, brushes and our basic shampoo and conditioner Upgrades available upon request

Nails - Start at $10.00

Ask about our prepaid nail cards to see how to get a free nail trim.

Nails Plus Dremel - Start at $15.00

Ask about our prepaid nail and dremel card to see how to get a free nail and dremel

Dematting Fee - $2 per minute 

Please ask your groomer for an estimate.

Dental Health - $10.00

We use plaque cleanse, which is specifically formulated to break up tartar and plaque in your dog’s mouth without the need for brushing. This is more effective than brushing alone. If you have questions, please ask your groomer for a brochure.

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Ear Cleaning - $5

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Eye Trimming - $5

Face Trim - $10 and Up

Feather Trim - $10 and Up

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Feet Trim or Shave Out - $10 and Up

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Brushing - $15 Every 15 Minutes

Other Specialty Services

All Breed Dog Grooming - Starting at $45 per Hour

All Breed Cat Grooming - Starting at $65 per Hour (Minimum)

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Ear Dying - Starting at $15

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Tail Dying - Starting at $12

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Nail Painting - Starting at $12

Dying Services are not available for cats